The #1 website framework for Chesterfield business owners​

The Authority Accelerator Framework helps business owners in Chesterfield get a website that reflects their brand, attract more visitors, capture more leads and convert more sales

You’ve got a website, but are you getting the results you want?

Having a website is not enough anymore. A lot of Chesterfield business owners struggle to get a website that matches their brand. They either spend too much money on an agency, or they hire the wrong freelancer who doesn’t understand what they want.

You need to have an online presence that helps business owners in Chesterfield get a website design that reflects their brand, reach more visitors, capture more leads and convert more sales.

Most company owners in my home town of Chesterfield and nearby Matlock are struggling with digital marketing because they don’t know how to build their own websites or choose the right digital marketing strategy. The Authority Accelerator Framework is a proven framework for building authority websites that converts more visitors into leads.

The Authority Accelerator Framework is our tailored chesterfield web design programme that contains everything I’ve learned about building effective websites over my 17 years of experience as a professional marketer, entrepreneur, copywriter and web designer and It’s packed full of all the key elements including web design & development, local SEO & content creation so we can build you a professional-looking website with everything working together seamlessly to form a high converting website.

The only way to build a profitable website

Our Authority Accelerator Framework ensures your Chesterfield website design is more than just an online brochure, helping you reach, engage and convert more visitors into leads, clients and sales – the perfect lead generation engine for ambitious Chesterfield business owners.



Goals &

To create a successful internet business we need to figure out your goals and objectives. Goals should be specific and measurable and accomplishing your goals should mean real growth and success for your business.



Scope the pain points and problems of your target audience. Is your audience based in Chesterfield or another area? What does your audience need from your website?


Message &

What problem will your website solve for your target audience? A unique brand message communicates your value proposition and is critical to set you apart from your competitors.



Sitemap & Functionality

A sitemap is a blueprint for organising the structure of your website, ensuring your website is a pleasure to explore and includes all the functions you need from your website.


Wireframes & Prototype

Wireframes and prototypes provide an overview of the layout and functionality of a website design to give an idea of where things should go, and what interaction users can expect from your website to make sure we have everything covered.


Build &

With a working prototype and finalised design, we start to build the real site ready for final testing and ahead of launch day to ensure a great user experience for your audience.



Lead Magnet

A high-value lead magnet that helps your audience address their biggest issue, delivering your clients from their pain to the desired outcome will help generate up to 10x more leads automatically.


Local SEO

Through search engine optimisation, including Google My Business, social media recommendations, name, address phone number (NAP) consistency, directory submissions, local-specific information and reputation management (reviews) are vital components to dominate local Chesterfield search results.



Reviews are gold dust for all businesses, providing trust and proof that you are the ones to help your clients get from their pain to the desired outcome. We provide the email templates, scripts and tools to collect reviews on automation.

The Agency UK​

Web design & branding, custom development
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The Parent Coach​

Web design, Content & Marketing Strategy, Branding & Course delivery
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Spolton Mortgages

Web design, Content & Marketing Strategy, Branding & Course delivery
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Do you want to generate more leads?

Most Chesterfield-based business owners struggle to find new customers and those that do have a hard time converting cold traffic to leads and into actual sales. The Authority Accelerator Framework solves this problem by creating a website for you that is optimized for lead generation. It’s like having your own marketing team working 24/7 to get more visitors to your site. This way, you can focus on closing deals instead of spending all day trying to attract new business. We’ve created the perfect solution for any real estate agent looking to grow their company with an easy-to-use online presence that will help convert visitors into paying shoppers.

The Charity Service​

Web design
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Flow Develop

Web design & branding
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Beagle Welfare​

Web design, SEO, Ecommerce
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Who is the Authority Accelerator Framework a perfect fit for?

Established Businesses

A perfect fit for established business owners in Chesterfield that want to grow and scale their online presence.

Ambitious start-ups

A game-changing online presence to match your ambition and rival the very best websites in your niche.

Marketing agencies

A tried and tested website project framework to deliver outstanding outcomes for you with white label confidence.

The #1 website framework for Chesterfield business owners

Just some of the clients we have worked with

We work with companies in all industries, across the world, and we have helped them achieve their goals for over 10 years now by providing custom websites that generate leads or increase sales through effective design strategies. 

Let us help take some weight off your shoulders today so that you can focus on what matters most- running your own successful business!

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Of course! We work with businesses all over the world, and it’s always a special pleasure to work with businesses just down the road from us in Derby.

Of course! We are proud of the work we do and would love to show you some of our best projects and website design services.

Please visit the web design page on our website for a full gallery and be sure to check out some before-and-afters or case studies for specific examples of how we have helped businesses in Chesterfield.

A website design should be clear, welcoming with the right messaging and work across all major devices.

Good web design should include the best features and benefits of your products or services in a succinct way that is easy for your ideal customers to read and know what they get when they buy or work with you.

The design should also to have clear call-to-action buttons so people can easily convert into leads on autopilot and have an automated system for nurturing your audience to becoming payi