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My Beagle Buddy

Simon Wilson has been a Beagle owner for over 12 years, and during that time he has learned a lot about both Beagles and himself. He loves to write about his experiences with Beagles in order to help others learn. Simon’s website, My Beagle Buddy, provides information and resources for Beagle owners. The goal of the site is to reach 50k organic visitors per month and to create a passive income from affiliate sales and ad placements.


WCRUK is a leading supplier of plate heat exchangers, providing repair, service and parts for over 20 years. They offer a wide range of services and boast an experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to helping their customers find the perfect heat exchanger for their needs.

The Agency UK​

When The Agency UK asked us to create a sleek estate agency website, they wanted it not only be an informative and entertaining platform for their agents but also serve as one of the best websites in town. We delivered on this by designing an elegant home finder with all your needs at once: property listings from top-rated developers; daily news updates about trends & sales happening around town plus expert advice straightfrom our team’s collective decades worth experience!

Spolton Mortgages

Nick and Kasia wanted an online presence for their new mortgage advisory business that reflected family values. We designed the website, executed a plan to dominate local search results in Google as well as other platforms such Facebook- check out all those reviews! Lastly we implemented reputation management system so people can trust what they’re looking up on line.”

The Parent Coach

The Parent Coach is a business woman who had the drive to succeed and do what she loves. She found herself in need of help when it came time for developing her online presence, so we were able fulfill that wish by creating new branding/designs as well as implementing an effective client acquisition funnel through social media strategies & content creation!

Beagle Welfare

With over 100k page views per month, Beagle Welfare needed a site that provided all its followers with the information they need about this amazing breed and access to the rehoming list. A simple but exciting design and an easy and efficient content management system were key for them!

The Charity Service

The Charity Service are a Manchester-based non-profit charity providing trust management services, and CICs and voluntary organisations working with disadvantaged people access vital funding. We digitised their grant application process with easy to use online forms, resulting in greater efficiency and quicker access to funds for those who needed it the most.

Flow Develop

At Flow Develop, Scott approached us to build a website that would provide an online platform for his coaching business and showcase his unique coaching frameworks with a design that would appeal to the high-quality international clients Flow has partnered with.

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