Google Adwords Success story

Google Adwords – a success story

Google Adwords is a great way to place your website in front of people who are searching for your products and services and whilst it is relatively straight forward for anyone to setup an Adwords account, it’s much more difficult to make the most out of the service, and if you are not careful it could end up being a costly exercise.

When starting out using Adwords you should have a definitive plan, a road map to your goals. What do you want from Adwords? Sales? Leads? Brand awareness? All three or something else entirely? Set out with a budget and where possible be flexible in your approach, often you can start with a bunch of keywords in mind only to end up finding a little golden nugget of a keyword that gives you a much better return on investment. The first few months of running an Adwords account are very important, get it right early and you have a much better chance of making a success of it before your lose patience and waste all of your budget on non relevant keywords and clicks, and dismissing Adwords as a waste of time.

A success tale

One of our clients came to us after using another agency for quite a number of years, but they felt that Google Adwords wasn’t quite giving them the return that they had hoped for. They were spending over £125 per day on Adwords clicks, each sale was costing them on average £15 in Adwords clicks, for an average sale of around £150. They needed to lower the cost of clicks per sale and came to us for help. Within 2 months we had improved the performance of the Adwords account, re structured the Ad Groups, found better, more relevant keywords and removed a lot of the non relevant keywords and made a all whole host of other changes. We actually increased the bids on the more relevant keywords and managed to get the cost of clicks per sale down to between £3 and £6 from £15, they were over the moon! We also reduced their daily spend down to around £90 per day for roughly the same amount of sales conversions!

Rarely are two Adwords account ever the same, and each account requires knowledge and patience to give you the best possible chance of achieving a return on your investment. The key is to be patient, flexible and have a Google Adwords Partner you can trust to guide you along the way.

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