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We believe in building strong and personal partnerships with our clients, with trust and transparency at the heart of everything we do in delivering ultimate success for your business online.

We know you’ve been looking for a reliable way to grow your business online

I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere when it comes to growing your business online. I’ve been there, too!

Back in 2006, I was made redundant. At a crossroad in my career, I approached my dad to see if I could help out in the family business for a short time while I figured out what I wanted to do next. I’d had an idea that I wanted to learn how to build websites, so set about building a website for the family business. My dad said I was wasting my time. People would never buy his products online, the wrong kind of business for that internet thing.

Long story short and several years later online sales accounted for a quarter of all sales within his business and was responsible for introducing him to some of his most valuable clients.

Make online marketing work for your business

That’s the short side of it. For 3 years it was one mistake after another. While the website was functionally ok, predictably there was no traffic. We invested in Google Adwords, wasted tonnes of cash with little to show for it.

We tried outsourcing the management of the account to all kind of ‘experts’, and yet the results never quite hit the mark. I eventually bought the Adwords and marketing accounts control back into the business and started to methodically test new learnings. I learned so much by actually doing the hard yards, making mistakes and learning. Testing testing and more testing until it eventually started to turn around.

The online business started to pay for itself, then it made a profit, eventually becoming a valuable part of his business before he retired and sold the business on.

Looking back it’s amazing it ever worked out, but the web was much less competitive back then, and ranking organically was much easier too. I had no clear strategy, I just threw stuff at the wall until something stuck. Went with that until it wasn’t so effective then started over again. I was fortunate that my dad stuck with me, but I also know he’s glad he did!

The following years were just me doing my best impression of a sponge. Soaking up everything I could. Reading marketing blogs and watching Youtube clips. However, all this did was confuse me even more! I had not fully understood that tactics by themselves rarely work.

The biggest takeaway from that time was understanding that tactics need to be implemented in context with each other as part of a system for delivering results.

I invested in courses produced by some of the worlds best online marketers. Practised those frameworks and programmes, fine-tuned them until I was confident that they could be applied to almost any business that relies on new leads.

I left the family business, started my own marketing company ‘of one’, had the pleasure of working with lots of interesting clients and partners.

That brings you up to date. Our high-quality frameworks deliver robust online marketing strategies and flourishing websites that entice leads into becoming valuable long term customers.

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