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5 ways to improve your Local Search Engine Optimisation

Local businesses in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, need to think carefully about their local SEO. Chesterfield SEO helps firms boost their online ranking, improving their odds of attracting organic traffic, and converting customers. Local search engine optimisation enables you to appeal more directly to your target audience. This is especially important if you primarily sell to people who live and work close by. 

What is Local Chesterfield SEO? Why is it important?

SEO in Chesterfield is about finding ways to optimise your website to boost its rank when people type in location-related keywords into their search bar. 

Suppose, for instance, that you run a Chesterfield SEO company. You want people in the local area to come to you when they need to target people searching for local services. Targeting national keywords like “SEO services,” “SEO,” “Search Engine Optimisation” and so on, might not be a good idea. Those keywords are highly competitive, and ranking for them will be very difficult.

If, however, you run an SEO agency in Chesterfield, then using local Chesterfield Local search engine optimisation techniques makes a lot of sense. By targeting keywords like “Chesterfield SEO company”, “Local SEO services” or “Chesterfield SEO” you not only cut out a lot of the competition, but you also communicate directly with people nearby who are physically close enough to want to work with you. If you can rank for the term “Chesterfield SEO company” it’s highly likely other businesses will want you to do the same for them, with their own keywords of course!

Google and other search engines know that local search is incredibly important to small companies. Google uses user location information and uses it to promote nearby companies that it believes that can service that need. If a user types in “cheap Chesterfield second-hand tyres” Google and other services will support local businesses that provide those kinds of services in the local area. It’s a win-win. 

How a Chesterfield SEO company can help with Local Search Engine Optimisation

Okay, so we’ve established that companies in the Chesterfield area need to engage in local SEO and why. But what does local SEO actually involve? How can a local SEO company help? 

NAP Consistency

NAP is shorthand for Name, Address, Phone number. Most Chesterfield-based companies include NAP elements on their websites. However, unfortunately, they may not be consistent or in a format that Google’s trawlers can read. 

Google, despite all the advances in AI, still uses dumb programmes to extract information from websites. Google wants to show its users your company information so that it can direct them to your services. However, if there are inconsistencies in format or information, then it doesn’t have the powers of discrimination to provide customers with one particular phone number over another. 

The solution is to get an SEO agency in Chesterfield to dig into your website code and ensure that all instances of your NAP elements are consistent. Remember, consistency is key here. 

Local review building

Another important pillar of local SEO is local review building. Google and other search engines rely on local reviews to inform their ranking algorithms. If a company doesn’t have local reviews, then it won’t rank as highly in search results. That’s because there’s no guarantee (at least in Google’s mind) that it can provide a quality service. 

Local search engine optimisation - Local review building
Local Search Engine Optimisation – Local review building

SEO agencies in Chesterfield can help you build up your local review portfolio by creating pages that make it easy to place reviews. It also helps enormously if you can build relationships with individual customers and ask them to post reviews online. 

Local link building 

Traditional link building relied on generating as many links with other websites as possible. But local SEO in Chesterfield is a different animal. You ideally want links from other relevant web pages in the local area. Having local links signals to Google that your website has particular local relevance, rather than generic national and international appeal. Remember, you want to appeal to local consumers, not people miles away or in other countries. 

Optimise (Google My Business) GMB listing 

Google My Business or GMB is a service that Google operates designed to identify businesses and distinguish their websites from others on the web. GMB isn’t automatic. You have to create a business account with Google and then get them to send a code to your physical address. You then type into your account to prove that you have real business premises. 

Google My Business Listing - Local search engine optimisation
Google My Business Listing – Local search engine optimisation

Once you’ve done that, you then get access to the live GMB tool. Many businesses in Chesterfield, however, don’t know how to optimise their GMB account for the local area. SEO services, however, can help you find relevant photos, including up-to-date contact information, integrate your existing reviews, and show your customers your location, all from the search panel. 

Improve your local click-through rate

An essential part of local search engine optimisation is finding ways to appeal to local customers so that they are more likely to click on your website copy, Google listings, and social media links. Getting them to do that, however, can be a challenge. 

SEO agencies help to boost click-through rates using a variety of strategies. One of the things that they do is make your title tags as relevant and readable as possible. A user should know exactly what they should expect from a page from the title as it appears in search results. They should feel confident that when they click through, they’ll be presented with the information that they need. 

SEO services in the UK also make sure that any ambiguous title is backed up with a suitable meta description. A meta description details why a particular page is of use to people in the Chesterfield area. The meta description, or the text below the title tag, provide people even greater confidence that the link they’re clicking is going to provide suitable content for them to consume. 

Finally, SEO agencies may engage in a spot of split testing to see which social media links generate the highest click-through-rates. Ideally, you want your social media channels to act as funnels, guiding customers towards eventual conversion. SEO agencies have a knack of testing different types of links to ensure optimal performance of your social media content. 

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