Progressive Web google partner

Why work with an official Google Partner?

Progressive Web is an official Google Partner! Yay! But what does this really mean?

Google Partners is Google’s programme for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals and other online consultants who manage AdWords accounts. By completing the programme of requirements and criteria set out by Google we are we have earned specialisations in Search advertising. This means we are certified specialists in Google Search Advertising and are well-versed in helping clients create and optimise ads for Google Adwords.

Being a Google Partner means that we offer a competitive advantage to clients, and have received training to help grow businesses online.

Below are just a few specific advantages of working with a Google Partner;

  • Best Practise – Continuously meet Google’s standards to maintain partner status. Delivering quality customer service, and offering a competitive advantage to clients.
  • Certified Account Managers — A company that achieves Google Partner status must have employees with Google Adwords certifications managing their clients’ accounts. Google ensures that these certifications are current and that the exams are taken yearly to keep up to date with best practises.
  • Expert knowledge of AdWords Features such as – Add negative keywords, add site-links, raise your position and lower costs, improve quality score, reach exactly who you want – target demographics, stay top of mind – start remarketing
  • Google Ensures Profitability & Quality Customer Service — Google does this by reviewing an agency’s client accounts to make sure that they are giving their clients optimal service through improved quality scores and also checks for conversion rates and client retention to be sure that an agency’s clients are happy with the services they are receiving.

You can see our Google Partner status here –

If you need advice or help with anything related to Google Adwords please call us on 01246 784881 or use the form below.