Why is a website important for your business?

What value do you place on a website for your business?

Most business owners think they ‘need’ a website, though not always ‘why’ they need a website and rarely do they see the true value of having a website.

In todays world a website is just another (important) part of running a successful enterprise, just as technology plays a big part in business, a website should be an integral part of how you market your products and services.

Done correctly a website will not only reflect the brand of a business, but help drive sales and leads and reinforce other marketing methods, such as print, direct mail or social media marketing campaigns, after all if you tweet something useful, you will need to direct them to somewhere they can read about your products or services.

We understand how powerful a website is to a modern business. We have an example of a client that we helped grow their online business from £0 to £250,000 of sales in just 3 years with sales growing yearly since to annual sales of around £500,000 within 6 years. The cost of setting up the online business cost around £4000, quite clearly the return on the initial investment is fantastic.

However, we still have people approach us who are interested in a website to either launch a new business or update an old website, that once we have quoted for will come back and say to us they have a friend of a friend who can build websites at a fraction of the cost. We understand the process of shopping around, and we always make sure we are competitive in price. We try to be clear that we are professionals and have many years experience of not just building websites, but providing the whole service that will give your new business venture the best possible chance of succeeding, something your friend of a friend who dabbles in a bit code will probably not be able to do. Some people see the value in that, others don’t and go with the part time website friend of a friend guy.

We are very proud of the work we produce and believe our costs are very competitive, with a full website starting from as little as £650, weigh that up against the potential return and thats where you start to understand the value of a good website.

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