Custom WordPress websites

Custom WordPress websites

A website is just another extension of your business, like an employee, a business card or any other type of promotional material. That’s why a good website is important and should be unique to you and your business.

Many digital agencies, web developers and website designers will use ready made ‘off the shelf’ templates that can be purchased for a relatively small outlay, and whilst there are some very good website themes, those themes are also available to everyone else. You could spend a considerable amount of money on a new website, only to realise a business around the corner has the exact same template. Not ideal.

Templates do have a place, and whilst we have no issues with using templates, we prefer to develop a site from scratch, to your exact requirements and using designs that are unique to you.

Developing a custom website need not cost a fortune, in fact we are confident that we can build you a custom website at very competitive rates compared to off the shelf themes.

If you have a website design project you would like to discuss give us a call on 01246 784881 or use the form below, we’d love to discuss your ideas.